miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

RESCUE and guidance for this moment ... Ashtar Sheran

From the Command ALFA and OMEGA will speak. We need to transmit information that will give you.Thanks Ashtar Sheran, take a message and distribute it.Perhaps many are hoping a bailout, but we note that they have not understood.The bailout is a fact that is being met from two years ago and now met in full.The rescue does not mean a rise in body, in a ship picks them up. This would not be in any case our rescue, but an abduction of ships and material beings who are opposed to the proposal of the Galactic Federation.Are we rescued the souls of people in danger during an earthquake, tsunami, massive accidents. If these souls were rescued Fauser fall in the beings of darkness and would shape the astral we intend to dissolve.Our rescue is to free these souls from the 4D (fourth dimension), the astral or simply stay in the 3D plane around you.In each event of explosion of volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, accidents and even hospitals are there to rescue souls. They are carried beyond the astral and placed in the care of many beings teachers offered the service to lead these souls to achieve awareness. Not being on Earth they live a common life in 3D, it is easier to understand otherwise and to enter part of the consciousness.With this we avoid huge karmic wheel suffrimientos and wander in addition to the levels that they do not belong in search of understanding that can not reach them.The fear that you're still what they call "death" is causing a misunderstanding of the process that has to do with Ascension.Nor does it mean "humanity will die en masse," but in certain circumstances such as those dimensions (earthquakes, accidents, etc.), these souls are and will be aided in its ascent.For the rest, subject to change consciousness at the globe, not only has to change his Consciousness but its matter (body) is and will be in transmutation as well.This is a strange event to your memory, which is unknown. I have absolute confidence that we are guarded, not as you might think about the material body, but souls and spirits.Gaia is conforming and being born and this brings much excitement to the material plane, but remember that everything we call "matter" .. Is energy and its density is training after the fluid of the other bodies. Everything comes from a generation or `mental and you're thinking POWER-THOUGHT Modica and therefore this leads to change or transmutation of the" matter.This is some of you can see the effects they can cause a healing means "no chemicals" that are indexed descompostiras trigger physical problems such as gastrointestinal, colds, fevers, etc.., Despite not having any chemical factor involved. The same applies to the Earth convulsed, and exploits the restless volcanoes.We ask from now a lot of introspection. Away their minds "insesante movement" to tackle the situations they face. It is imperative that flow in harmony and love to achieve everything to be modified.Physical problems that crosses should not be considered physical. therefore strive to go to the Higher Self and empodérense Him.! and the symptoms disappear.You will see many issues to be analyzed from different reasoning ... a Cosmic Reason.Brothers "Focus on simismos" and pay attention and form a unified consciousness. Stay tuned for that and reduce time spent on common tasks, simplify ... and allow yourself to achieve a state of "emptiness" in their minds.Servers And Land I must ask you not get distracted, stay in continuous connection possibilities.Allow yourself to be aisladops crowd and idle talk. Do not waste energy on working on the individual awakening from a year ago because it affected the work for the planet.The energies at this time began to bathe the area of ​​the Earth are true awakening coupled with the tools that 20 years have been squandered. Everything is at hand for those who wish to make the decision to apply to the Shift in Consciousness. By this I tell you that each makes his choice or not and may be part of Change. There are different levels and this is respected by us and must be for you.Beloved Ones servers, adjusting the plan at this time will be required and a dedication connection very strong, loyal and loving.I am Ashtar Sheran and I speak on behalf of ALPHA AND OMEGA Command.

Canal: Eugenia Ventrici
Traductor: Alicia Alves

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