domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011



Come to my hands a few days to write on the subject of the multidimensionality, writing that I was surprised and inaugurated the need to reflect on the theme. So I am at this time to write, without even knowing that I will join them. Talking about the letter read something which surprised me. In a very concise way explained simply of the evolution of man and concerned that homo  Erectus there is a dimensional gap to Homo  Sapiens (human common)... and it currently dimensional jump with the modifications that are operating in all human aspects, does that man will call Homo  Galácticus...! At the moment reading this...Homo  Galácticus....It was revived in me all that with some brothers treatment we live.....Reconnection with outer space.... lessons come through each time, constant to cosmic beings communication, expect the response of the brothers that we must make a determination, abandonment of free will, the experiences of connection and communication with the other kingdoms (plant, animal and mineral), the leaks aware of the third dimension that we have some of the bodies, the work that teachers do in our body astral and physical preparation so that we can Ascend,(algunos_de_nosotros_lo_percibimos), whistles in the ears that they need to communicate to give us messages, their presences (some see them).... and a countless more than manifestations not I complained this time. And on what teachers have told us... "Galactic beings"......but this... when we rote our personality seems too....We take, not we believe it... However, we must leave that "false modesty" feature of the common human... and accept it... really, we're moving forward in the evolution to become "H*** galácticus"...! It is not very easy to common society said.... has to to the H * Galácticus sufficient psychiatric institutes. .!!...However we pay before the experience lived and confronted between brothers that we are going through this alteration. Not everything believe you, do ourselves and that is why every event we consulted. .. .and with astonishment we discovered that this adventure is couple.... and are trying to understand each of the experiences, we also consulted with teachers...Sometimes at the same time three brothers have shown us figures of cosmic geometry, symbols, maps, apocalyptic events etc. For something has been that they asked us function in groups.... this well tasks purposes determined by them.... us fortifies each know anything experienced is not fruit of our imagination. Anthropological science always teaches us that there is a natural evolution in the species.... On the other hand the geneticists are interfering in certain cases artificially. .. .as in the cloning of animals.... very possibly in cloning human, in the formation of breeds of dogs and cats... and the known genetic intervention in plant species we eat....etc. Here is where I wonder... do...?What happens to us human if we say that there are artificial intervention on the species and external to the planet beings. ...? This time I like to see the faces of those who are reading this...!...Because clear.... we say we are "natural" ….We do not accept not being... and interventions in our evolution of the species we scare...! !. However if we read carefully Genesis II.... in the part of the creation of Adam... we can clearly grasp that there was a science as in order to create, give life to be specific for the Earth... and with the characteristics that is you wanted improntar. Adam, said Genesis.... was formed and "" Eden.... here is clear that a laboratory.... had on earth or outside.... the case is formed or created and "put in the garden" that in the middle of the desert also had been created.... and plant foods for the man who created. If we are daring in reading the Bible and set aside that if we think about the theme "God we will punish"... we can move forward, open our eyes and understanding. We need to know that ever God we will punish for this, since Jesucristo says: NO HAY any mystery that not can be revealed... i.e. the want to let us know, we know, we are in truth... and tells us: YO SOY LA VERDAD EL CAMINO Y LA VIDA...!  I know it would be easier if speak it other sacred books belonging to other cultures because to them we have a different way of planting, given that there is no cristalizació n that give us the dogma to which we belong. But the fact is that while I read something from them, I do not know them the proper depth. Yes I can tell you that Popul Vu has... a similar creation made of "clay"... also n and others that I read.... Similarly. There is a well-known author who for many years "intuited" that our civilization is of extraterrestrial origin. This historian exposes its historical and archaeological research. .. .haciendo valiantly against established by historians, a sometimes too risky exposure, which has taken him to be very combatido. This gentleman who enjoys my admiration for many years, is called Vönn Daniken...(I think many of you know) and I must admit that his books are taking every day more topical. Now, how you can do clay someone?... we know that it is impossible....and here we have to think on the subject. My opinion is that the mud... means material elements of this planet.... containing chemical elements appropriate to design and create a man, animal, or any live.... do.?It will be that "they changed" some species H * actually already existed on Earth..?... .If so... There was a genetic alteration for the creation of a new species... H * Sapiens... We take the idea of Dios has been directly involved in the creation of each of the parties created... .If either is the creator of everything.... created beings with creative conditions (in his image and likeness) to continue their work....God or the great Universal mind, Quantum, the Universal architect... etc...He gave way to the universe and issued the rays that we all know by metaphysical theories. ... Is perhaps not we are guided by rays that belong to each teacher..?. does.. .no say belongs to blue, green, Golden lightning?.... Continuing. ...God is the Universal creator and expresses its creation by the divine rays. These rays are spiritual beings. .. .as the called gods, santos, teachers.....and also our.... our spirit. These spiritual beings belonging to this or that Ray.... by his superior wisdom (for us) are able to be creators of demonstrations in each of the planets... took the decision to create humanities. Many did so according to the order or law Universal....but others disregarded these laws and created Humanities for its own purpose, leaving aside the Universal Plan. Our planet not may have been absent from these creations, so us speaks of the Elohim who came and took intervention by creating "the man".... made of clay. This human cercenado DNA.... empowered by 5 senses only....who were given the prohibition of eating from the tree of good and evil... and the tree of life.... must have had a special purpose to be thus created. As stated in the 3 Genesis chapter, verse 22, that Eve and Adam ate of the tree: "now is like one of us." therefore been judge of good and bad. "Not going to be that also eat of the tree of life and live for ever".... and from this moment, are bent of the paradise....

The Elohim are beings that we call "gods", beings of the divine rays which do not die, not ill, apparently handling in different dimensions and frequencies, traveling through the universe to which can move with comfort of a planet to another. At some point they decided to come to this earth to found a site for the benefit of the universe. If it was.... what was the reason for deciding form a man without power..? .a man who lived alone in paradise... or best redoubt specially created as a garden, isolated from an arid, outside as we read because we talk about the stones burn and growing cacti. Imagine there is talk of the area occupied today by Iraq. However these Elohim elect for the garden of Eden, a given by four rivers sector i.e. secured irrigation, the necessary moisture for the garden.

Is that perhaps this creation should be isolated from outside which existed beings also materials..? ..prior to this creations..? If outside who wanted to preserve it, why not gave this human a bit broader conditions along the lines of the Elohim...? What feared..?

Many times I wondered... what would be like and what our emigration to planets close to taking advantage of the space age that we live. And I always replied that if the man leaves space to populate other planets.... it would not be very different if you find another humanity to little more than 500 years ago when landed on American soil with the result that we are still living and we all know widely.

I also asked if they embarcarían a rocket or several 100,000 people.... and my response was that in any way. Join 100,000 men, women and children would... impossible.each should be specially trained to adapt, also is likely that very few could survive on strange atmosphere conditions. Nor would it be logical that they lived with helmets permanently. Then came to my mind a book of science fiction (for the years in which I read) called world happy whose author is Aldous Huxley. In the details as they are brought embryos genetically designed to populate other planets. But the terrible thing is that the author seems... I knew very well the man and said they were designed in genetics, to be workers of type automata, slaves, since the end of the migration could not carry on stamps of the economy as it is understood even by our human society. 
When back in the 1960s, Americans touched the moon.... first did was planting a flag... is by way of taking possession of the barren lunar soil. Does not entail attitude a necessity of possession, establish a power struggle between the Earth of other Nations that could also be.?? And what would have happened if they were a population on the satellite...? Do not want to distance myself from the topic... but I feel that I have already done. However it is necessary to know certain things that are inherent to the human adámica since. On the other hand, for understanding is necessary see little known history, reflecting on human action... and at the same time projecting the future... it is necessary to make a back- and -back.... and so is how are revealing certain truths that we have hidden. Well, retaking the creation, can give account we are children of Elohims whose purpose is the conquest of the planet. So we created humans.... and if we see our history.... as we turn the pages of a book of universal history, found that the letters are infused with blood. Almost nothing has changed, rather than fatal methods in these wars, far from being less fierce every day are worse. And this not me I several because I know everyone knows. History really does not have a linear development but that historical events recur over a period of 500 years... namely... is circular, but the circle is not closed, has a displacement or array that sets the difference in fact to another........ slight difference which can be signifying a breakthrough in technology or science... but in reality the fact: "" the conquest of territories, Nations... with the consequences of wars""...It is always the same since the beginning of the story. Just as there were who created a humanity poor somehow... .Hubo other Elohim who collaborated to help this humanity poor in imagination, whose intelligence just now is used by 8 per cent of its capacity...which only senses were five.... whose DNA has been reduced. In history, they appear as magically certain advances... as knowing agriculture. ..foods such as potato, wheat, corn...etc... .the design of splendid cities today urban planners could envy or learn from them (as they were the Maya, Aztec and Incan cities). Cyclopean constructions which still devanan archaeologists brains to know how were built, as the great pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx. In addition if we know history and wonder how in antiquity that transport was not developed (maritime and air)... they appear cities on different continents with major construction as the pyramids... that not only are in Mexico and Egypt, but in the Amazon rainforest, in China, in North America. ..etc..? "My question was always...""How did to come up with a design but equally, similar..?". There was no either media time that make distances shorten. There is no doubt that we have always had help from outer space beings... These beings called aliens and that such rough seems the term when we know that he is beings with knowledge. These beings are of two kinds... "evolved".. .are the teachers called who have knowledge and compliance are very gifted technical and scientific knowledge regarding us, but deserve the classification of "not evolved", because they do not act according to the Universal law... the universal laws and others, the "evolved not",.i.e. for the common good of the Universal community. Them when they arrive at a planet, do everything on their own behalf. The beings from outer space evolved, so special to the planet currently, taken intervention once more, to help the Earth and its inhabitants can take a step in the evolutionary scale. It is called "Ascension". Have you considered our DNA must be rebuilt. .. .reconectado in each one of us... to have the gifts that have refused the creation of a gene deficient. With its science and technology, at a distance and from the fourth dimension consider those who are interested in "Awakening". ..and years ago that we are involved to recover our organism conditions to live in another dimension. These works, although they belong to the world called by us, are concrete, can or not felt in the physical body (I feel them perfectly) and we prepare to have connection with them, i.e. to hear in mind (telepathy)... .Poder visualize situations at other levels, and although we are asleep or awake, lead us not only craft but cities          intraterrenas or planets where necessary. At the same time we are giving education or knowledge based on the truth (unknown). Actually make it possible us to run or destroy the "veil" imposed since adámica inception and was reinforced by the customs, dogmas, stories, human events. All this becoming it slowly and by accepting our, we have a very thick shell or I velo is crystallized from thousands of years of the generations we hail. Much depends on the attitude of each, to detach from all learned, dogmas, customs, reactions, ego, false concept of love, etc. To gain access to be relinked, must exist in us a commitment to change layout and a clean internal in our hearts: let grudges, hatred, enter in the understanding of who we oppose, enter in connection with our being (which is our spirit which is so master as the cosmic teachers... and more... is one of them also...). That is why they are asking much prayer and meditation, lot release of crystallization and above all much faith or trust in Christ. This trust in Christ, is nothing more than align ourselves internally in respect for and terms of the Universal law... or what we usually call... do the father's will. This means that when we are preparing ourselves, free will is disappearing. ..and we are then on the spiritual path in rise. We have learned to see situations that we happen to our lives in a different way.... are starting to do a "cosmic" reading of signals the world send us... because every situation is seen as a sign of something that we must understand. This is how our suffering is easing and cases very serious in our daily life, can interpret it differently. In this preparation, many say that they went them bad things....and it is true that seen from our human vision in which the "fear" is always present, the mind is concerned with crazy our emotion and self-pity (pure ego) that characterizes us, everything that happens is terrible, unbearable. Why happens this..??...In ancient times there were temples where the aspirants to the priesthood (speak Egyptians)... made his initiation. But with the arrival of Jesus, who said that all can be priests, and that there is no mystery that may not be known.... this initiation may be any human. And this initiation at the moment is live... daily with all the difficulties that we know as: a controversial, a sick child, an economic setback... a disease, the betrayal of some dear friend, a mother or a father who makes them suffer an accident, etc. Everything you have appointed is just a signal name.... the initiatory test is to understand that signal putting aside ego, power struggle, the lie, suffering from humiliation (ego), loss of loved ones to understand what death if there is proof to the excitement before a betrayal.... power to valued and love regardless of a mother or father hardened heart. We go to humiliate our personality to be able to arise our being... our Superior Yo